Trading & Connectivity Services

FiNETIK™ assists across the full transaction cycle from market identification, connectivity options, DMA and algorithmic trading (where available), data providers, and choice of executing broker or other execution management options. As a truly independent advisory firm, we evaluate service providers against client driven specifications and provide independent solutions tailored to your needs.


  • Trading Connectivity Strategy
    Evaluation of current trading and connectivity arrangements and recommendations on enhancements and new market opportunities. This includes an assessment of trading systems, order and execution management systems, order routing, transaction hubs, connectivity providers, trading networks, exchange capabilities (DMA etc), proximity hosting options and execution partners.

  • FIX Connectivity and Integration
    Advice on how FIX can improve trade flow and capture additional liquidity or access more markets at higher speed with lower risk. Access to multi-broker, multi-asset trading networks and connectivity hubs.

  • Market Analysis and Advice
    We can provide reports detailing the key attributes and features of each market in the Region. This would include the trading environment, regulatory frameworks, market access options and costs, market data, reference data, vendor coverage, connectivity and proximity hosting options.



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