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FiNETIK™ is a consulting firm specializing in the financial markets of Asia and Latin America. Established in 2002 in Singapore with offices in Singapore, Sydney and Mexico City, and associates in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam.


Who we are

An extensive network of experts and advisors with a wide range of skills and market knowledge, with an average industry experience of 16 years. As an independent advisor, we have an extensive professional and personal  network of business relations with decision makers, senior management  and key market players in Asia, Latin America and Europe.


What are our strengths 

Our strengths are many but our central value proposition is our unique insight on the highly fragmented markets of Asia- Pacific Region. Our consultants know the markets of this region: what drives them, the current and emerging trends in the Industry and who the key players are across the region. We offer cross-functional capabilities (business & technical), deep market knowledge,  cultural understanding, and extensive relationships within the Asia  and Latin America   Financial industry.


What is our focus

Our focus is on the financial & commodities markets in Asia and Latin America, and industries directly related to this sector. 



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