FiNETIK™ is a consulting firm specializing in the financial markets of the Asia-Pacific Region, offering business advisory, trade connectivity and data management services.


Since its establishment in 2002, FiNETIK has been supporting firms from across Asia and other parts of the world to Demystify the Asian financial markets™ and implement their strategic and tactical goals  this Region.


In 2007 FiNETIK build the bridge between Asia and Latin America’s financial industries with its office in Mexico City, extending our offering of pragmatic solutions.

map Finetik global reach

We operate in an industry characterized by innovation, rapid developments in technology, and enormous growth in both the emerging and long-established markets of Asia and elsewhere. Managing change, identifying opportunities and speed to market are essential to business success. Clients need a trusted partner to provide independent insights on these developments and to define emerging opportunities for their business. For many international and local firms, FiNETIK is that trusted partner in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Our focus is supporting participants in the financial markets. This includes clients such as exchanges, fund management and brokerage firms, as well as private equity firms, custodians, information-, service- and network connectivity providers.